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Encinitas Math Tutor

Helping young minds seize their education and focus amongst the chaos.

Building Confidence

Instead of your child feeling defeated because they can’t understand the content, imagine them feeling prepared and confident in their ability every day.

Getting Ahead

Instead of watching your child fall behind, imagine them catching up to (and even stepping ahead of) their classmates.

Fufilling Potential

Instead of worrying about your child’s future success, imagine resting easy knowing you’re putting them on track to fulfill their maximum potential.

About Me

Founder of Beacon Academics

Hi! I’m Vincent.

I’m the founder of Beacon Academics. I’m also a cat dad, and fan of all things basketball (I’m from Indiana, after all). I come from a family full of educators, so it was no surprise when I fell in love with teaching while working as a tutor in college. After earning my Bachelor’s in Mathematics, my Master’s in Higher Education, and helping students get into college for the past half-decade, I’ve gotten to know the education system inside and out.

I started Beacon Academics because I love restoring a student’s passion for learning. Beacon Academics is here to help your student become a life-long learner and capable of thriving in their academic environment. I want students to feel as though they’ve seized their education and have become their own guiding lights (or beacons) as they move forward.

“Working with Vincent helped me to become a focused math student, and as a result my grades got much better. I also began to have a true understanding of the math I was learning. I also developed a relationship with Vincent where I was comfortable working with him and talking with him. He became a mentor and someone I could go to for advice.”


High School Student

“Amazing tutor. Had a great lesson with Vincent. He explained everything very calmly and preciselyFinally I was able to begin to grasp the concepts that I had been struggling with all semester.”

College Student

“Vincent is very laid back. He does not get frustrated if you do not understand. He can identify your individual needs. Also he lets you control the session. If you need help with homework or want to work on study guides he lets you pick what you’re going to do.”


College Student


Quality 1-on-1 instruction with our founder, Vincent.

Grade 6-12 Mathematics

From Prealgebra through Precalculus, we’ve got you covered.

AP Calculus & Statistics

Don’t fly blind. We’ll have your prepped for the exam.

Test Prep

We currently offer help with the SAT, ACT, and GRE.

College Mathematics

We offer assistance with all kinds of introductory math courses such as Finite Math, Business Calculus, Probability, Statistics, and many more.

Why Us?

If you go with the average tutor…

They may have a narrow view of the education system, which can lead you to feel like the tutor is “tone-deaf” to your specific needs.

They may “know their stuff” but can’t explain it in a way that your child can understand.

They may never consider that your child could be struggling for reasons beyond academics. and thus fail to get at the root of your child’s misunderstanding.

They may have zero interest in getting to know your student. Without a personal connection your student is likely to stay disinterested in their coursework.

Our Approach


We weave conversations about complex ideas in with the student’s everyday interests. This helps them stay engaged and see the value in what they’re learning.


We are constantly reassessing progress, self confidence, and ability so that we can shift to the needs of your student.


We know success is dependent on a wide range of factors. That’s why we offer well-rounded guidance and support going beyond simply telling students what’s right and wrong on a particular assignment.


We put ourselves in your student’s shoes to meet them at their level. This empathetic approach helps us to see where the paint points are and identify solutions.


We draw from a well of a diverse private and public educational background to better match your student’s goals with tangible “to-do’s.”


We are sensitive to a student’s various identities and how those might influence the academic experience.


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